• Acupuncture

    Acupuncture relieves the following symptoms:
    • Physical withdrawal symptoms: Shivering, sweating, cramps, diarrhoea / constipa­ tion, pain, headaches, heart palpitation, nausea/ vomiting, sneezing / snivel, freezing.
    • Mental withdrawal symptoms: Anxiety, aggression, irritation, panicking, insom­nia, depression, nightmare.
    • Improved skills: Positive attitude, relaxation, awareness of own emotions, focusing, motivation, concentration, cooperativeness and more open other treatment.
    • Shown to decrease craving for: Alcohol, narcotics, nicotine, sugar, food, caffeine.

    Also efficient with respect to Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) such as:
    (Occurs approx every 3rd month)

    • Difficulties in thinking clearly. It is as though the brain is not functioning – it is impossible to concentrate.
    • Poor memory, everything perceived and under­ stood, but in a short period of time everything forgotten.
    • Sleep disorders, it is difficult falling asleep, restless sleep, nightmares, night sweating
    • Emotional overreaction or under reaction, tremen­dous anger, irritation or sadness, depression. Physical coordination problems.
    • Problems with the balance, eyes and hands will not cooperate, slower reflexes.
    • Stress sensitive, difficult to distinguish between little and much stress (emotions = stress)
    NADA’s acupuncture programme

    – At Retretten you can receive the NADA acupunc­ ture programme. The Acupuncture Programme is related to the ear and is a standardized Protocol with 5 needles in each ear.
    These 5 points are standard points for the treat­ ment of substance misuse and anxiety management.
    This Protocol is used by personnel within the healthcare sector around the world. The Protocol has been in use for more than 40 years within addiction, psychiatry and criminal care as a supplement to other basic therapy, but is today used more an more within the somatic area.