• Rita’s story

    «I needed help to so many things, but I had nowhere to go. Thus I established Retretten.»

    rita_englishIn 2002 I ,Rita Nilsen, founded Retretten («The Retreat») in response to the suffering and personal needs I ex­ perienced during the early phase of my own rebuild­ ing and recovery from my subtance abuse.
    I had no money to get professional help, no job and no «sober» network. Hence it was tough to start a life free of substance abuse.
    What I really needed was much help in different areas, but I had no place to go to get such help, support and advice.
    I gained much support through my friendship with Petter, a recovered alcoholic. I got further help from a self-help group and some from frequent talks with a Vicar. This together with the medical knowledge I gained from my education became my way out off my substance abuse.

    During my acupuncture practice period I understood I was not alone in feeling this inner pain I was carrying with me. Not due to my substance abuse, but as a con­ sequence of the traumas I suffered that meant I took the wrong path early in life. During this period I mainly met children whose parents were substance abusers or mental­ ly ill. These children helped me understand how to better help those affected.

    That is where the initial of Retretten was established and after 2 years it was registered as a Foundation. You or someone you know today can use Retretten as long as you yourself are a substance abuser, or have been convicted or are next of kin of someone who is.

    You are never the less always welcome!

    Warm regards

    Ritas signatur