• Obituary for the death of Michael Smith



    Dear Dr. Mikael O. Smith. Mike among the NADA family


    My first meeting I had you was in the spring of 2005. Someone warned me of you and the Lincoln Recovery Center. They gave me a picture of you as a bishop, and that your center was a sheltered house, crowded with mentally ill and heavy drug addicts. My experience did not fit into this image.


    After our first meeting we had much contact. I was in training with Carlos, Nancy and Rosa and I came as often I could to Lincoln Recovery Centre after that. Up to several times a year until the end of 2010. You called or meet me somewhere in the world until May 2017. You came to me in Norway 3 times and in 2013 you stay with me and my husband. In 2015 you made it possible for my foundation, Retretten, to arrange a NADA conference in Oslo with international lecturers: Professor, Psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, social workers, midwives and gynecologists came from the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe. You saw my hunger after knowledge and help me in all possible ways so I could get the best – and most – out of it.


    You helped me so I meet my soul mate, Norma Hotaling in San Francisco, Drug Court in Miami, Florida and St. Vincent Hospital, New York. From these, I gain an important and useful knowledge that I use in my daily work. But the most important thing I learn was from you. You said to me: You can only plants a seed and you may never see it germinate because at that time will the person be in another place then you are daily.


    Word becomes poor, but I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us who struggled with mental illness and dependence, and those of us that have recovered. Your seed sprouts all over the world.


    Rest in peace dear Mike.


    Love from Rita and all in Retretten


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